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Upon the first thought you will conclude that the armed guard is the best choice for security guard. However, that is not always the case, sometimes the unarmed guards can be the perfect choice for your business. The choice for any is not that clear and if you want to know the perfect choice for your business in Hollywood CA, keep reading.

How to choose between armed and unarmed guards

When it comes to providing your business with security, one of the question you have to ask yourself is whether your business need armed security or unarmed security. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. This article is designed to help you make the perfect decision for your business. Consider the following things while making your decision and you are going to come up with the perfect choice.


Armed Guard Services Hollywood 


If the possibility of your business and your employees becoming the victims of a serious crime is pretty low then having to hire an armed guard might not be necessary. On the other hand if the business is on a high risk of crime then hiring an armed guard is the best choice and so it is if your business has a medium risk.

The presence of a guard with a gun will most probably discourage the thieves from committing a crime especially if they don’t have weapons. This will improve the safety of your business and everyone in the building. The threat level of your business will be low or high depending on different things such as location, settings and even the economy of the country.

The type of business or activity that you participate in will also play a vital role when it comes to choosing the type of security guard you should go for. Giving a good example, if your business is more focused with providing entertainment like a movie theater or something like that, hiring an armed guard might intimidate your customers and give your business a not so cool image and might even make them not enjoy themselves.


In a place like a hotel or an apartment setting, hiring an armed guard will make your customers as well as your employees feel safer. As matter of fact, it might even make your business look more desirable.

    With crime on the rise, an expertly-trained armed security guard in Hollywood is an asset to your organization. Security is no longer a want; it’s often a need. Protect your investment with the best unarmed and armed security guards in the business.

    Unarmed Guard Services Hollywood


    It is a rule that the armed guards in Hollywood must undergo some serious training as compared to the unarmed ones. It does not mean that the unarmed guards does not undergo training. The armed security guards in Hollywood area are also most probably going to have some military background so it is more likely that they may provide better services because of their experience in the law enforcement agencies. It is important to note that because of their experience, they are going to cost you more money compared to hiring an unarmed security guard.

    The benefits of hiring armed guards in Hollywood California are several and they are definitely going to provide your business with the security it needs. If you opt to go for the armed guards, you are going to enjoy the following benefits.

    The armed guards normally undergo more vigorous training and some of them even have some military background so if you go for them you are sure of improved security. Before the security guard can be given the license to hold and use arms, he or she must pass or the standards that are set by the government or state you live in. The armed guards are also tested by the employer and if he is not fit, he cannot be employed.

    All security guards must undergo employment background checks before they can be employed. The armed security guards in Hollywood CA, they will need to undergo further background check before they can be handed over the license to own and use a gun. They will undergo the background check from the employer and further undergo background check from the FBI so as to make sure that the meet the requirements needed to own a gun.

    The presence of a physical security guard is going to provide a deterrent to the criminals but the fact that the guard has a weapon is going to do even a better job! The criminal will feel discouraged to even try out when he or she notices the security guard with a gun. He will know that he does not stand a chance against an armed guard

    The unarmed guards Hollywood also have their advantages especially if the risk on your business is low. The following are some of the benefits you are going to enjoy if you opt for unarmed security guards.

    Because the armed security Hollywood have more training and the fact that they have a weapon, they are most definitely going to be more expensive to hire compared to the unarmed ones. If your business does not really have a risk of armed robbers then, an unarmed guard will be a better choice since he will provide the security but at a lower rate.

    The fact that the armed guard has a gun increases the chances of someone getting hurt or even worse. The perpetrator might take the gun and may use it to shoot the guard and the client.

    The fact that is an armed guard outside your building in Hollywood area may be sending the wrong signals that your business is at high risk and robbery might happen at any time. Some customers may feel intimidated buying from your business.


    Both armed & unarmed guards are good options for your business and as you can see each has its advantages and disadvantages. You can be sure to try out armed & unarmed guard Hollywood CA from us.

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