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If you own a business, then you already know how important it is to protect your property and assets from theft and robbery. The safety of your property and your employees is paramount and one of the most effective ways of ensuring that they are protected, is hiring a security guard. It can be armed security or it can be unarmed security guard. Both the armed & unarmed guards in Los Angeles can do a pretty good job.

The choice will depend on what your business need and your taste and preferences. This article is designed to help you assess your need for armed or unarmed security guard. It is easy to assume that the armed security guards are the best option but the unarmed ones have their benefits too. Here are the things you should think about as you are making your choices.


Armed Guard Services Los Angeles 


If the possibility of your business and your employees becoming the victims of a serious crime is pretty low then having to hire an armed guard might not be necessary. On the other hand if the business is on a high risk of crime then hiring an armed guard is the best choice and so it is if your business has a medium risk.

The presence of a guard with a gun will most probably discourage the thieves from committing a crime especially if they don’t have weapons. This will improve the safety of your business and everyone in the building. The threat level of your business will be low or high depending on different things such as location, settings and even the economy of the country.

The armed security guards are normally highly trained and they are very good at what they do. In addition to being highly trained, the armed bodyguards are licensed to handle firearms and they can use the firearm if the need be. In some cases, hiring an armed security guard might be the perfect way to go. The following situations or things increases your need for an armed security guard.



If your business is dealing with some very expensive jewelry made of gold, diamond and stuff like that, then you might want to hire an armed security guard. Such expensive items will attract thieves but if you have security guards, the weapons might discourage them. If your business handles a lot of cash, it might be a target to the thieves too so you might want to consider hiring an armed guard.

There are some locations that are just prone to violence and if you live in such a location, then you might want to consider hiring an armed security guard. There are also some settings that attract violence. Some of those locations are casinos, night clubs and even hospitals. If your business is among those which are prone to violence, then hiring an armed guard might help diffuse the tension. If the guard is not armed the violence can even escalate when he tries to intervene.


As we have seen, the armed security guards will provide more security but sometimes it might be a sign that your business is unsafe. Some people might feel concerned buying from your business if guarded with security guards who are armed. It might be sending a message that your business is prone to danger and a robbery or something like that can happen at any time. Because of such concerns, you might want to consider keeping your guards behind the scenes.

    With crime rising, a trained armed security guard in Los Angeles is a big help to your organization. To protect your investment, you need the help unarmed and armed security guards in the business.

    Unarmed Guard Services Los Angeles


    The armed security guards may seem like they are the best option for your business but you might want to consider hiring an unarmed security guard. Here is why they are worth considering:

    • Affordability

    The armed security guards are normally highly trained and not forgetting that they must be licensed meaning you will need to pay a higher amount of money in order to secure their service as compared to the unarmed ones. In addition to the fact that the armed security are a bit more expensive, the risk is more increased of people getting injured because of the firearms. In an event of shooting, a person is likely going to lose his or her life. But with the unarmed security, there is no risk of people losing their lives. So if your business is small, you might want to go for the unarmed security guards.

    • Effective protection

    If your business is at a very high risk of armed robbers because it deals with high amounts of cash or expensive jewelry then the armed security guards might be the perfect choice for it. But if your business is not in risk for armed robbers, then an unarmed security guard will work just fine. The unarmed security guards are also highly trained and they have what it takes to prevent theft and vandalism. And not forgetting that the unarmed security guards also have the authority to make arrests just like the armed ones. And if a threat arises that the guard cannot be able to handle, the police can always be of help.

    • Sense of security

    As an employer and a business owner, you need to make sure that your employees and customers are at ease but still safe. Hiring guards that are armed might bring the sense of security but the customer and the employees might not feel at ease. They might feel threatened and nervous even though the risk of robbery or vandalism is very low. This might bring a negative image of your business. Hiring an unarmed security guard is a perfect way of making your customers and employees feel safe and still be comfortable in that environment. And that’s the real sense of security.

    • Lower risk

    The armed security guards are highly trained there is no doubt about that. However, there is always that risk of another person holding their weapon and shooting with it. The risk of a person getting hurt or worse is always there but with an unarmed security guard, the risk is lower. But if the robber is armed and the guard is not, then that might be a big problem.

    Both the armed guards and the unarmed guards are highly trained and they are a good option for your business. The need will depend on different situations such as the money you handle every day and the environment your business is located. Whichever choice you opt for, you can be sure to get Armed & Unarmed Guard in Los Angeles from us.


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