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Fire Watch

Fire Watch Los Angeles 

Quick Protection Security offers fire watch Services in Los Angeles services to businesses. If your house or business building have a water based fire protection or a fire alarm protection, you may be required to implement a fire watch by the national fire protection association if the system encounters any impairment.

The requirement to respond to any impairment of your fire protection system comes from the life safety code (LSC) but the specifics of the same comes from chapter fifteen of national fire protection association (NFPA) 25 standard for inspection, testing as well as maintenance of the water based fire protection systems which includes things like sprinklers. From there you will get the specifications of how you should respond to sprinkler systems impairments.

The need for a fire watch will arise in any of the following situations.

  • The fire alarm of the building, fire suppression system or the fire sprinkler is experiencing some problems or when an outage is planned and it is going to take place for 4 hours or above. You will be needed to notify the fire marshal in situations like this. Check with you local Authority Having jurisdiction (AHJ) to know the requirements for your local area.
  • Hot work in your building is occurring. Hot work is things like welding, use of torch and other things that produces flames in your building. There are lots of fires that have been started by the hot works and you need to be very careful with the same and that’s why the need for the fire watch.
  • You might also need to implement a fire watch in the cases of demolition of buildings and or during hazardous activities that are similar to the activities of hot work.
  • You may also need to implement fire watch in your building if it has dense crowds that may require extra precautions. There are some public assembly buildings that will be required to implement fire watch during some events that require extra protection.


Quick Protection Security fire watch guards are trained for fire watch duty. Fire watch normally consist of a person or a group of people who perform the function of keeping watch for fires, preventing fire ignition sources, being ready to put off any small fires that may arise using hose or something that can put off small fires, being ready to deal with any emergency and help with evacuation just in case there is a fire or any other emergency. The fire watch also has the responsibility of alarming the fire department in case of any emergency so that they can arrive a fast as possible and combat the situation

When it comes to organizing a fire watch, it is very important to take your time and organize a fire watch that is going to be effective. Organize watch that is going to cover the whole building in a systematic manner and on a regular basis, a good rule thumb will be covering the entire building after every hour. However, if there is hot work in your building, then there might be a need to watch it because you never know what might happen if it is exposed to a hazard.

As we already highlighted, you can arrange to have some of your employees act as the fire watchers in the meantime as you get your system fixed or you can opt for the professional services in Los Angeles CA. Having some of your employees act as fire watch is a good option and it is potentially going to save you some extra bucks. But for the best option, you will need to go for the professional services.

The fire watch companies have professionals who are highly trained in this sector of fire watch and they also have security guards who can practically be hired for any type of situations like evacuating people and they are very good at preventing fires as well.

Before we get to the estimates of hiring a professional fire watch, it is important to note that the cost of hiring a professional will be typically be higher compared to if you decide to recruit just another person for these duties. However, hiring a professional is the safest bet and the most logical option.

It is your duty as the property owner to ensure that the building is as safe as possible and the best to ensure that is by hiring a professional help if the fire system has any impairments that sums up to 4 hours in the last 24 hours.

The cost of hiring a professional fire watch is going to vary from one company to another and there are also some factors that are going to come into play. The experience of the company is one of the thing that is going to dictate the price and the more the experience the more it is likely going to cost you and the better the company.

Whether the fire watch you hire are armed or unarmed is also another factor that is going to play a huge role in determining the price. But securing the building when the fire system has a problem don’t necessarily need an a fire watch in your area such as Los Angeles CA so going for the cheaper option will be wise.

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