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High Quality Service of Personal Bodyguard Services Hollywood 

Quick Protection Security provides private security experts for all of your bodyguard and personal protection needs in Hollywood CA area.

Bodyguards are trained personnel who offer protection to people including politicians, celebrities, entertainer and other people who maybe in need for bodyguard services. They protect the people from dangers including kidnappings, assassination, stalking and harassments. In order to become a bodyguard you will need meet some requirements which normally vary from one location to another. With some training and determination you can able a bodyguard and be able to protect other people. To become an effective personal bodyguard.

Our team is composed by highly specialized professional bodyguards in Hollywood California area,


In order to become a personal bodyguard, you will need to attend some training and get certified for the same. In order to attend the classes you will need to be of legal age and possess a valid identification card. Don’t panic if you are not yet 18, you can use the time to do some research of the best bodyguard training in your area and when you are of age you will enroll.

If you don’t have a high school diploma, you will need to have GED which is equivalent to the high school diploma and if you don’t have any then there is no way you will become a bodyguard. A college degree is not really necessary but taking a 2 to four years program will improve your tactical skills as a bodyguard.

Having some military training will be even more advantageous and it will increase your chances of getting hired. People will believe that you have been trained on safety protocol and everything needed to become a perfect personal bodyguard. And you will in good shape anyway, making you more hirable.

It will be required of you to have the basic knowledge about first aid and CPR as they are fundamental components to your job as a personal bodyguard. During an interview, you will need to prove your competence in the same by providing some certification.

Our security service provides a group of professional bodyguards very specialized and extremely discreet. We protect not only you as a person, but also your privacy. Our security guards in Hollywood to find the best qualified body guards.

Our guards are required to have the basic knowledge about first aid and CPR as they are fundamental components to your job as a personal bodyguard. During an interview, you will need to prove your competence in the same by providing some certification.

In order to get certification in CPR, search for an online certification course in your local area and complete a training lesson and pass the examinations. The certificate is normally valid for one year so after one year you might need to get another one.

The first aid training is also available online or you can be sure to try out a physical lesson in your area and choose the one that suits your availability perfectly. The basic first aid lessons include treating wounds, making a sling, assisting a choking victim, and treating burns among other things.

In order to learn the basic skills needed, you will need to attend a training program in one of the local schools available in your Hollywood area. Search online for a program in your physical location and choose a perfect course based on the reviews and your availability.

There are also some online courses that are available which will require you to attend lessons weekly and demonstration. the bodyguard courses include things like risk assessment, disarming weapons, first aid, unarmed combat, dispute resolutions, advanced driving techniques, counter surveillance and anti-terrorism techniques among other things.

Having a degree is not really a necessity per say for a personal bodyguard in Hollywood area but going for degree program in security education will help you become even a better personal bodyguard. Security education include things like criminal justice, law enforcement and police science among other courses.

The tests covers things like weapon handling, driving defensively, and giving first aid. In some countries you will be required to have a military training as a part of the certification process. In most cases in the countries, you will be required to have served actively in the military for like a year.


This is one of the most basic ways of finding a client to work for. Our company will help you find the personal bodyguard in your Hollywood area and surrounding

It is still very possible to find the clients yourself but this is not always the best choice. Most people believe that the personal bodyguards who are registered with the agencies are more qualified and the independent ones might be scams so you might find it difficult to find a job. But if you can be able to effectively market your brand, you are likely to make more money when you are working as an independent bodyguard.

Just in case you are looking for Personal Body Guards in Hollywood CA, you can be sure to get services from our professional guards.

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