“ Quick Protection Security has decades of experience in providing our clients with unparalleled security solutions in Irvine CA.

 Our vision and mission utilize methods to assess your needs and deliver your security service.”

Personal Bodyguard

High Quality Service of Personal Bodyguard Services Irvine

Quick Protection Security provides private security experts for all of your bodyguard and personal protection needs. If you’re looking to hire a personal bodyguard Irvine, or you’re looking for multi-party personal bodyguard services in Irvine. Quick protection Security offers the expertise in personal security.


Our security service provides a group of professional bodyguards very specialized and extremely discreet. We protect not only you as a person, but also your privacy. Our security guards in Irvine work both armed and unarmed and can assure close protection from dangers or meeting indiscreet people. They do not fear chaotic or stressful situations, as they are trained to work surrounded by disturbances.


Our team is composed by highly specialized professional bodyguards in Irvine, trained in the best academies and carrying a lot of experience. This is because we do not just want to offer a service, we follow our Client from the beginning to the end, preparing a preliminary strategy that can suit its requirements, and guaranteeing a follow up after the service is finished. Our personal bodyguards are simply the best our Client can find for its needs.

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Your Security is Our job!

Security is a serious issue. Both on a personal and on a business level, security and protection are ongoing concerns. Providing a safe environment is necessary to maximize security and protect against liability.

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