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Let Quick Protection Security help you partner with you for all your traffic control management needs in Hollywood area and we will provide you with superior management direction in a collaborative, project focused way. 

Fundraising and festivals as well as other events takes a lot of planning and it will not end until you have lined up for food service, entertainment and decorations. Such special events normally require you to hire special traffic control for things like reconfiguring existing parking areas or transforming a part of your property into a short term parking during the event in Hollywood CA.

Don’t let the drivers to just randomly park their vehicles in a congested parking area, make use of delineators to direct the traffic flow to specific aisles so as to ensure that a row is filled up before you can open up another one. An orderly park will help your visitors to remember where they parked their cars and it will also make it easier for the pedestrians to walk through the parking lot and throughout the event with ease without having to constantly dodge vehicles parked everywhere.

The delineating rows will also play a vital role in ensuring that the front row areas are reserved for delivery cars and for the VIP guests or probably for guests who are very impatient to swoop into their reserved parking areas.

Hiring the experts such as flaggers and parking attendants will help you out keep the vehicles moving for your event in Hollywood CA and it is always the best option. However, sometimes how you structure your event might handy and make it easier for you.

Delineating the boundaries and the directional flow of the walkways, parking spaces and aisle will help keep the stress levels and confusions down and this will help the guests start the event at a high note. We have prepared you some simple ways to ensure that your event is a success and the pedestrian and traffic flow in your event is a better.

This is one of the best way of maximizing the parking space for your special event. Designating a parking space for individuals is perfect as it allows the guests to know where to park their cars instead of just allowing them to overestimate the space their cars need. You can lay out a temporarily parking space with the help of portable polyurethane parking stops.

The portable parking stops can be moved whenever necessary. You will not really need to designate the entire lot but you might want considering using few parking spots for individuals who are disabled or for guests of honor. To make it even more clear who the reserved spaces are for, you might consider painting the parking blocks in some spray paint stenciled with their names.


We provide uniformed and highly visible traffic control officers in Hollywood to schools, churches, construction sites, utility companies and other businesses and locations with a high volume of traffic flow or congestion. 

At Quick Protection Security, we offer our clients in Hollywood CA a superior level of event security services in Traffic Control that are cost competitive and highly effective.

Speeding vehicles in your special event can be very dangerous to the pedestrians as well as to the drivers. For the sake of controlling the speed of vehicles during the special event, you can make use of temporal and portable molded polyurethane speed bumps. The portable molded bumps can be moved whenever necessary just like the portable polyurethane parking stops. This is needed for a Traffic Control personal in Hollywood CA


When the event is over, you can move the temporal bumps or you can have them left there. The portable molded polyurethane bumps are going to control the speed of the vehicles coming to your event and they are capable of being anchored to the ground making sure that it does not shift even when it comes with contact with the vehicles.

The secondary benefit of the portable bumps is that some of the bumps can be used as cable as well as hose protectors. This is because they have built in channels that run from one end to another. So in an event when you need to run air lines, power cords or hoses, all you will need to do is cover the bumps with speed bumps cord protectors and anchor them into place. Once that is done, the trucks, cars and golf carts can drive safely over it without causing any damage to the cables that are beneath it.


The event cannot really be considered a special event if it is not full of people and crowds moving from one place to another. The pedestrians are obviously going to be more than the motorists and you need to make sure they are taken care of too.

The perfect way of channeling the guests to the right places is by making sure that your pedestrians knows where they are supposed to go by defining the walkways that they are going to use. You can use the help of bollard posts and cording to help you define the pathways.

The bollard posts are mostly made of plain metal or treated lumber so they are unlikely going to ruin the décor of your event. But if you want to blend it in with the events décor, you can simply cover the existing bollards with some decorative sleeves that are decorated to look like high end iron although they are made of chemical polymer.


When it comes to making your event successful, one of the things that you need to ensure is at top notch is that the traffic control in Hollywood CA. Managing the traffic to your event lowers stress levels and make it easier for the guest to navigate through the event. Managing traffic is going to improve the traffic flow as it will make it easier for the people who want to visit your event even if they attend it late. Managing traffic is also going to help lower the accident risks during your event.

The best way of ensuring that the traffic of your event in Hollywood CA is effectively controlled is hiring a traffic control service. It will be worth your every dollar and your event is definitely going to be successful.

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